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History of Medicine

2000 B.C. -Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D. -That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
1850 A.D. -That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.
1940 A.D. -That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.
1985 A.D. -That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D. -That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.

- Author Unknown




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As we are in the 21st century, were afforded many options

to maintain our health .As in the early  20th and before centuries

Herbalists were the HEALERS. We now have the Allopathic
profession also known as Dr's working with Botanical and 

other Alternative practitioner. Myself, as a RN & Medical 

Herbalist, bring my expertise  to both arenas.

So please browse, ask questions, make comments and take

control of your HEALTH




Herb/Drug Interaction Class for Medical & Nursing Students

As a Result of having my PowerPoint stolen and posted without my permission

I now require all to request permission

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Sally Smith divas3458@msn.com

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