Common Name Astragalus
Latin Name Astragalus membranaceus
Folk Name Yellow Vetch
Medicinal Uses Respiratory Infections, Immune Suppression by strengthening the system , Cancer, Heart Failure, Viral Infections, Liver & kidney disease  energy tonic, Strengthens Digestion, Promotes Healing of wounds
Comments It has been purported that patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation live longer and are more resistant to secondary infections when using Astragalus. It can help ameliorate bone marrow depression and gastrointestinal toxicity resulting from those two protocols. It is considered beneficial for the wei chi, the body's inherent protective energy.  It stimulates interferon production, macrophage activity and antibody response and also inhibits free radicals. Astragalus reduces T suppresser cells. It also enhances the function of the adrenal cortex.  It helps to build the blood and lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Astragalus is also being studied to determine whether it benefits papillomavirus, herpes and cytomegaloviruges. 

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