Common Name Arnica
Latin Name Arnica Montana
Folk Name Mountain Arnica, Wolfbane
Medical Uses

Internal Applications: Homeopathic Remedy Only
Arnica improves coronary blood flow and aids in the reabsorption of fibrin, a blood protein resulting from internal injuries.  It is also useful for dealing with post traumatic stress disorder resulting from exposure to violence, terror, death, disaster, or hysteria. Arnica is most popular as a homeopathic remedy where it is administered for epilepsy, injury, seasickness, shock, trauma and vertigo.  Used homeopathically before and after surgery, it can help minimize post traumatic stress.

Topical Applications: Use as a compress, liniment, salve or oil for bruises, rheumatic pain, sprains and varicose veins.  Footbath for sore feet.


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